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You wouldn’t think a routine meeting towards the end of the week would be an example of video production and the importance of speed. Yet, an off-the-cuff remark got the wheels in motion for a video that ultimately “starred” me.

Here’s the video:

Why This Video Was Made

Basically, someone mentioned how difficult it was to explain the pieces that make up this new product from Microsoft. The product was still so new, all of the existing “explainers” lived inside massive slide decks. What was needed was a quick, easy to understand way the pieces build something bigger together. It was also needed fast, the freshness of the information meant other companies were likely working on similar ideas.

As we brainstormed ideas, LEGO got brought up as something that’s easy to relate to and highly configurable. My awesome co-worker dashed home to get a box of DUPLO. We had our first prop for the video.

Unexpected Limitations

I mention, in the video, “Summit.” It’s an industry event and it happened to end a day before shooting the spot. The side-effect of that was very few people were in the office due to travel. When it came to film this piece, we didn’t have many options. We could pull from whoever was around or try a stop-motion approach. The latter would take too much time to produce. Finding someone A.) around and B.) willing to go on-camera didn’t prove out.

I volunteered as tribute.

Scrappy Production = Speedy Production

With speed being key, we didn’t have time to setup 3-point lighting or gather pro-level cameras with multiple angle shots. With an iPhone 6, a makeshift tripod and a decent-ish lit room this was shot in about a dozen takes. It resulted in our company being one of the first to produce content around this topic and it was something our sales team could use to educate prospects and clients who already started asking questions.

We knew this wasn’t going to be the most polished video ever produced, but it ultimately didn’t matter. It proved a point that being first to move on a topic can reap rewards when there is hunger for information on a new product. It also bucked the trend that B2B content needs to be “stuffy” or webinar recording segment.


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