AR-rg: Too Early to the Augmented Reality Rodeo

Augmented Reality Video Game Marketing

I’ve created a handful of community-focused sites on my own, or with a partner. One such project happened to take place in 2007-2008 centered on a game called, “Eye of Judgment.” The best way to describe it was Pokemon meets Chess. The hook was the game used the PlayStation Eye in a unique way: from the included gameboard it would read a “barcode” on collectible cards and they would appear in 3D on your TV.

If you couldn’t already tell, this was one of the first attempts at a mainstream Augmented Reality game. The site focused on news and tips from the players or PlayStation. It grew from some humble beginnings but we made some nice partnerships for the year it existed. I was just happy the first implementation of AdWords I did covered the hosting I overspent for.

Sadly, when the game stopped getting updated, I lost interest. I didn’t recognize the larger implications of AR moving into consumer electronics because after this game lost development support, there weren’t too many AR games until Pokemon Go released in 2016.

This blog on the PlayStation site and image are all that remains of the site

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